60 min Instagram LIVE Marysa

Join Marysa for an hour barrefigureSIGNATURE class to energise you for the day!
We ran out of time for the end 5 min stretch, so find it in all videos and under 20 min.
Props: Chair, weights (cans or soya milk cartons), ball (rolled up facecloth) and a tea towel.

40 min Stretch with Marysa

Needing to slow it down a bit and after a luxurious stretch? Then give yourself 40mins and meet Marysa on the mat.
Props: some hard recipe or coffee table books.

55 min Instagram LIVE with Charlotte

With Charlottes energy and humour, she’ll help you get through this full body class. It’s a goodie!
Props needed: Weights/cans and a ball/rolled up towel

25 min Instagram LIVE with Charlotte

This is from our live streaming via Instagram during the 1st lockdown, focusing on thighs and glutes.
Props needed: Weights/cans and a ball/rolled up towel.

15 min Plank and Abs with Charlotte

Charlotte takes you through a plank and ab workout either using a ball (or without, for an extra challenge). You’ll finish feeling stronger at your core and set for the day.
Props required: Ball or cushion

60 min barrefigure SIGNATURE with Marysa

From Marysa’s living room, during the 1st lockdown in March, she takes you through a signature class using items from your kitchen as arm weights.
Props: Barre (pram/kitchen bench), pot and pan and potatoes to even out the weight distribution.

8 min Weighted Arms

Here’s a 8 min sequence for your arms using dumbbells.
Props required: Dumbbells. Alternatively try using cans, water or wine bottles. 4 litre liquid detergent or filled shopping bags. You can also use nothing and just add resistance and tension through your arms.

barrefigureSIGNATURE with Marysa

Marysa guides you through a full length, full body sculpting Barrefigure Signature class.
Props required: Chair/benchtop, ball/cushion and weights (drink bottles, filled shopping bags or liquid washing detergent)

Rises, Balances and Pelvic floor

Ease into your day with this gentle workout involving rises and balances and pelvic floor work. Suitable for pre and post natal.
Props required: None.

20 min Cardio with a Twist of Ballet

Join Marysa, as she takes you through a cardio workout with a few balletic moves as well as the odd boxing maneuver. A challenge for the brain and body. You’ll love it.
Props required: Barre (wall or chair). weights or tins.