Quick Abs and Glutes with Marysa

Here is a quick arms and standing seat sequence.
Props: Ball and cushion.
Apologies for the glare from the sun in the bottom corner of the screen!

Express Floor Glutes with Marysa

Who doesn’t love performing glutes on the floor?! We begin with toning the hamstring, glute max and finish with the inner thigh.
Props: A wall or kitchen bench to lean into. Possibly a cushion under knee.

Full Body with Amelia

Despite saying saying this is an express in the intro, Amelia got a bit excited and here is a 54min full body Signature class!!
Props: Dumbbells, ball and something to hold onto.

In-Studio Signature with Jessica

Push play to feel like you’re in the Barrefigure studio partaking in class!
Props: Dumbbells, ball, a teatowel to stretch with and something to hold onto.

7 min Ab Blast with Marysa

Here is a 7 min abdominal blast to fire up the obliques and rectus abominis muscles. Do on its own or mix with another video.
Props: None.

Express with Marysa

All you need is some weights, so hit play and let’s get cracking!
Props: Dumbbells and a kitchen bench to hold into.

Full Body with Amelia

Amelia (back home from London) teaches a full body class! Hit play and get those barre shakes with Marysa!
Props: Dumbbells, ball and a wall/kitchen bench to lean against.


Full body (69mins!) Zoom class filmed in the studio during lockdown. Please note, the quality and sound quality is not fantastic on zoom, but you’ll still get a great workout!
Props: Dumbbells, teatowel, ball/cushion and a chair/kitchen top.

20 min Feel Good Sweat

A full body, high-intensity workout with rotating intervals to produce a nice healthy glow.
Props: Weights and sneakers (optional).