8 min Pelvic Floor

Marysa discusses the pelvic floor muscles and goes over various cues to help activate it.
Props: None

Sizzle Pretzel and Glutes

We start with the pretzel position then continue with some all 4’s and bridging. You glutes will be sizzling by the end!
Props: Ball or a rolled up facecloth.

Pelvic Floor Activation

Want to know how to activate your pelvic floor correctly? This is a great video to do if you are pre or post natal, but also if you are not! Marysa dives into many different visual cues to help you find the secret to engaging and strengthening your pelvic floor.
Props: Nothing.

Cardio Energize with Marysa

Lacking a bit of motivation or energy? This will cure you! High energy cardio intervals will work and tone both the upper and lower body. A fun kickboxing session will get you sweating for a powerful workout.
Props: Sneakers and dumbbells.

Full Body Stretch with Bella

If you have the luxury of an hour, your body will thank you for this! Bella focuses on spinal mobility and twists, wrist, neck and feet stretches. As well as some back, hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors stretches.
Props: Yoga blocks if you have any (long shot!), cushion/pilllow or nothing.

Level 3 Full Body with Bella

Bella’s first time teaching on our online platform and she doesn’t disappoint! Here is a classic barre workout to lengthen, strengthen and improve your posture from your home! Bella also gives many pregnancy options.
Props: Dumbbells, ball and surface to hold onto.

Arms and Seat with Bella

Bella takes you through a 13 min arm sequence then finishes off with some much loved glutes on the floor!
Props: 1kg dumbbells or water bottles.

Warm Up with Bella

You can complete this before diving into our other shorter focused videos, or just do it on its own as a great pick-me-up.
Props: None.

Lockdown 2.0

We begin by incorporating weighted arms with some dynamic leg work to gentle increase the heart rate, then proceed with a short thigh sequence, glutes, inner thighs and quick abs.
Props: Dumbbells, ball and surface to hold onto.

Full Body Blast with Marysa

No weights are needed for this, just a chair and ball (can also do without). We start with some quick arm circles then head into thighs, rises, seat and abs – and repeat!
Props: Ball, chair or kitchen bench.