15 min Thigh and Ab Burn with Charlotte

Using a ball or cushion Charlotte leads a 15 minute session working the thigh, leg and an areas. Great stacked with another video for a longer session.
Props required: Ball or cushion.

15 min Abs with Marysa

Central to the Barrefigure method is a strong core, this 15 minute workout lead by Marysa will focus the mind on your core and get the muscles firing.
Props required: None.

30 min Full Body with Marysa

With this signature Barrefigure workout lead by Marysa, you’ll spend 30 minutes focusing on toning and tightening every part of your body. You’ll experience results fast and will be left feeling longer, leaner, and stronger.
Props required: Ball cushion.

15 min Arms and Abs with Charlotte

Using Barrefigures unique method this quick workout is great for upper body and core strength. Charlotte guides you through a series of exercises using light weights (cans or water bottles) and your own body weigh to tone your abs, arms, back and shoulders.
Props required: Light weights, cans or water bottles

video 02

20 min Thigh and Seat Burn with Marysa

This signature Barrefigure 20 minute workout will lengthen and sculpt your legs by working the thighs to exhaustion, followed by a 10 minute floor sequence for the seat, finishing with a release and stretch.
Props required: Barre (chair/kitchen bench) and available wall space to lean against. And a ball or cushion.

15 min Seat and Ab Burn with Marysa

Join Marysa, Barrefigures founder, for this 15minute workout targeting your seat and finishing with some core work on the mat. Great to stack with other workouts.
Props required: Barre (chair/kitchen bench).