All in One

We hit all the muscle groups in this 45min video. Hit play for a well rounded barre class.
Props: Dumbbells, ball and a support/barre.

30 min Legs with a bit of Upper Body

Here is a mat based glute and hip workout with a bit of thighs and arms thrown in. Take the time to stretch the hips in between sides. I’m using 1kg but you could use ankle/wrist weights or a heavy dumbbell.
Props: Any dumbbells

Warm Up Arms with Lunge

Here is the arm sequence I taught in the studio earlier this week. Grab heavier dumbbells if you want to work the arms a bit more. You’ll also warm up the legs with some lunges and crouches.
Props: Any dumbbells

Obliques + Inner Thighs

Here is a mat based class to wake up the side body and inner legs. The arms will also get a nice workout as we complete some forearm planks and a nice flowing oblique series. Class is completed with a frog stretch for the hips.
Props: Ball.

Stretch + Release

Restore mobility in the spine as we extend and open your body in this essential chilled stretch session. Add this to the end of any barre video or do it on its own on those days you don’t feel like doing an intense workout.
Props: None.

Floor Arabesque Glutes

Join me on your mat for a quick glute and hamstring video. Try to focus on the length and extension of the leg and keep your form throughout. Great on its own or pair with another video for a longer workout.
Props: None.

Spinal Health + Planks

This short sequence focuses on spinal health and mobility paired with some planks to bring strength and awareness to the arms and waistline. You’ll be moving more freely by the end 🙂
Props: None.

Strength in Plies, Lunges and Squats

15 (ok this is 16.41) mins is all you need to get an effective work out which will change your mindset for the rest of the day!
We complete single leg strength work including plies, lunges, squats gaining strength to help facilitate us in everyday exercises we do – tying shoelaces and getting off the floor etc. You’ll definitely feel your legs (as I did) at the end!
Props: Barre, chair or bench top.

Continuous Ab Flow + 8 min Glutes

Join me for a continuous pilates ab sequence to bring awareness and mobility into the core and spine. We challenge the core by twisting and rotating the torso and pelvis at various angles and levels. There is a quick glute section included. You’ll feel strong and powerful in your centre after completing this video!
Props: None.