New Year 2022

A nice routine to balance and strengthen the entire body after some time off over the Christmas period!
Props: No Props.

Fiery Lower Body

Get ready to fire up your lower body whilst using a chair and simultanousy sculpting your arms. Pay particular attention to your knee and ankle alignment throughout.
Props: Chair/couch/step, heavy set of weights and possibly a cushion if chair is a bit low.

Get Out of Your Funk H.I.I.T

Get your cardio fix with Marysa in this follow-along workout. Ten minutes of work repeated twice through to experience a blood pumping full-body burn. Follow the modifications when necessary and focus on your breathing throughout.
Props: None.

Inner Strength and Control

This express mat workout focuses on control and strength to gain more hip mobility and function. An energy boosting, low impact session using only your body weight to feel your glutes, hips, back muscles and 10 min core section at the end!
Props: None.

Dumbbell Sculpt

Here is a full body video (arms, abs, thighs and glutes!) that is based on the mat and uses dumbbells for the duration of the video. Focus on your form and remember to dial down to a lighter set of weights whenever needed.
Props: Light to medium weights. I used an assortment from 1-2kg.

Carve Out Time Stretch

Carve out some time for yourself and relax into this controlled stretch session. We will release tension throughout your whole body with a particular focus on the hips, quads and lower back.
Props: Cushion for knees.

Band Wagon

Sizzle your glutes, hips and outer thighs with this band workout. We also touch on the abs, arms and back – so a bit of everything! Always maintain good form and forego the band if it gets too much.
Props: Loop band. Can be done without also.

33 min No Equipment Full Body

Bring the heat to your legs with this effective thigh and glute shaping and strengthening routine. This session also touches on the abs and arms – a full workout in 33 mins.
Props: None. But a wall to lean on.

Self Care Sunday Stretch

Get your spine moving as we twist and open your body. We also focus on hips, the side body and lengthening the hamstrings.

A great workout to do when lacking energy or motivation but you know some movement will make you feel better.
Props: Weights and a ledge or books to stand on for an extra challenge in the hamstring stretch.

Floor Based Shoulders and Glutes

This floor based workout starts with a mobility warm up for the rotator cuff and shoulders then leads into a dumbbell strength seat sequence and finishing with all 4’s triceps. If you love floor work, this is right up your alley!

Also apologies for the children interrupting at the end!
Props: 1-2kg weights.