Carve Out Time Stretch

Carve out some time for yourself and relax into this controlled stretch session. We will release tension throughout your whole body with a particular focus on the hips, quads and lower back.
Props: Cushion for knees.

Band Wagon

Sizzle your glutes, hips and outer thighs with this band workout. We also touch on the abs, arms and back – so a bit of everything! Always maintain good form and forego the band if it gets too much.
Props: Loop band. Can be done without also.

33 min No Equipment Full Body

Bring the heat to your legs with this effective thigh and glute shaping and strengthening routine. This session also touches on the abs and arms – a full workout in 33 mins.
Props: None. But a wall to lean on.

Self Care Sunday Stretch

Get your spine moving as we twist and open your body. We also focus on hips, the side body and lengthening the hamstrings.

A great workout to do when lacking energy or motivation but you know some movement will make you feel better.
Props: Weights and a ledge or books to stand on for an extra challenge in the hamstring stretch.

Floor Based Shoulders and Glutes

This floor based workout starts with a mobility warm up for the rotator cuff and shoulders then leads into a dumbbell strength seat sequence and finishing with all 4’s triceps. If you love floor work, this is right up your alley!

Also apologies for the children interrupting at the end!
Props: 1-2kg weights.

Thigh and Booty Blast with Hip CARS

A quick round of thighs followed by glutes with a loop band (if you have one). We include hip CARs (‘controlled articular rotations’) which takes your hip joint through its full range of motion. It’s very effective at expanding the range of motion, improving hip function, and maintaining the overall health and integrity of the joint.
Props: None needed, but a loop band if you have one or ball will intensify the glute section.

Restore Your Core and Bridging

We start with pelvic floor and TVA activation then finish with bridges to work the glutes as well. This is great for postpartum or pregnancy or if even if you just want to make sure you are activating your core correctly.
Props: Can be done without any! If you have a ball, loop band or weights available you can use for added intensity in some of the exercises.

37 min Bit of Everything

Full body with a focus on triceps, pistol squats and seat work on the floor.
Props: 1kg weights and a ball.

40 min Procrastination Arms, Glutes and Inner Thighs

Maybe you have been procrastinating doing a workout today, much like I was prior to filming this.
Go on – push play and join me for some arms, obliques, glutes and inner thigh work – a bit of everything. I promise you’ll feel better after.
Props: 1kg weights and a ball.

PNF Stretching

Indulge in this 30min stretch class focusing on the hips, quads and hamstrings. With added PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) benefits. This stretching technique involves the contraction and stretching of muscles and uses both passive movements and active (concentric and isometric) muscle actions.
Props: Yoga strap/dressing gown belt/towel and cushion for knees if needed.