Restore Your Core and Bridging

We start with pelvic floor and TVA activation then finish with bridges to work the glutes as well. This is great for postpartum or pregnancy or if even if you just want to make sure you are activating your core correctly.
Props: Can be done without any! If you have a ball, loop band or weights available you can use for added intensity in some of the exercises.

37 min Bit of Everything

Full body with a focus on triceps, pistol squats and seat work on the floor.
Props: 1kg weights and a ball.

40 min Procrastination Arms, Glutes and Inner Thighs

Maybe you have been procrastinating doing a workout today, much like I was prior to filming this.
Go on – push play and join me for some arms, obliques, glutes and inner thigh work – a bit of everything. I promise you’ll feel better after.
Props: 1kg weights and a ball.

PNF Stretching

Indulge in this 30min stretch class focusing on the hips, quads and hamstrings. With added PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) benefits. This stretching technique involves the contraction and stretching of muscles and uses both passive movements and active (concentric and isometric) muscle actions.
Props: Yoga strap/dressing gown belt/towel and cushion for knees if needed.

Triceps and Back Blast

Show off your arms and back with this ultra-toning, focused workout. Improve posture and get stronger!
Props: Light to medium dumbbells.

Express Fullbody with Theraband

Express full body with a focus on triceps and pretzel with the band, but you’ll still hit those thighs at the barre.
Props – Ball/cushion and long theraband. Wall space/kitchen bench to lean against.

Standing Glutes with Theraband and Abdominals

Starting immediately at the barre with the band to fire up the hamstrings and glutes then balance it out by targeting the abdominals in between sides.
Props: Long Theraband. Can also complete without one.

Obliques, Inner Thighs and Rond de Jambe

Multiple oblique focused exercises combined with straight and forearm planks. You’ll instantly feel your waist and arms (especially your lats) toning. We finish with some inner thighs and a standing ballet rond fe jambe movement.
Props: None.

30 min Full Body Express

Marysa serves up a super-efficient 30-minute full-body barre workout. Perfect for when you’re short on time but want a complete barre experience!
Props Needed: Light weights and heavy weights, ball (optional) barre (or chair/counter/wall for balance)

30 min Arms and Glutes at the Barre

We start by utilising light dumbbells and your own body weight to tone your arms and thighs, then head to the barre for glutes and finish with 5 mins of core conditioning.
Props: Light weights, ball and barre/kitchen bench for support.