10min Shoulder and Triceps

A quick 10 min video to build lean muscle, tone and definition in the upper arms. Choose a weight that challenges you but allows you to maintain proper form.
Props: Light to medium weights. I’m using 1kg.

Figure 8 Hiit

Follow along with Marysa for 8 movements repeated twice to spike your heart rate and build full body strength in this effective and fun video!
Props: None.

17 min Ab Blast

We work through various levels with the torso to target the abdominals. Starting with a high curl then transitioning down to the forearms for obliques and finally supine for pelvic floor focus.

You’ll feel a nice sweet burn over the core.
Props: Ball (otherwise a cushion or can do without).

Self Care Sunday Stretch

Get your spine moving as we twist and open your body. We also focus on hips, the side body and lengthening the hamstrings.

A great workout to do when lacking energy or motivation but you know some movement will make you feel better.
Props: Weights and a ledge or books to stand on for an extra challenge in the hamstring stretch.

Core Controlled Conditioning

It’s day one of level 4 lockdown in NZ and I snuck away from the kids to film this beauty. Do this anytime during your day, to wake your core up, switch your mind off from work or home life and dial in and focus solely on correct form and activation.
I promise you’ll feel your rectus abdominis by the end!
Props: Ball (otherwise a cushion or can do without).

13min Classic Weighted Arm Blast

Grab your dumbbells and join Marysa for this classic arm sequence to tone the shoulders, biceps and triceps as well as simultaneously working the legs.
Props: 1kg dumbbells.

Thigh Flow Blast

This thigh blast also strengthens your ankle and calf strength and gets the heart going in a gentle flow sequence at the end of the set.
Props: Something to hold onto (chair/bench top).

13 min Stretch and Flow

A simple 6 min sequence on each side to release the hips and hamstrings and finishing with a 90 second held frog position.
Props: None, although 2 cushions may be useful under the knees (to protect them) for the final frog stretch.

Healthy Spine and Core

We focus on maintaining a deep core connection to create a uniform C-curve throughout this abdominal video.

Rolling exercises are a great way to strengthen your abdominals, massage your spine and improve balance, mobility and spinal articulation.
Props: 1kg Weights.