Follow Along Abs

Push play and enjoy this simple follow along abdominal video. Complete 45 seconds of an exercise, then move straight onto the next. 14 movements in total. Focus on your form, modify as needed and I promise you will feel your core at the end!
Props: None.

Get Out of Your Funk H.I.I.T

Get your cardio fix with Marysa in this follow-along workout. Ten minutes of work repeated twice through to experience a blood pumping full-body burn. Follow the modifications when necessary and focus on your breathing throughout.
Props: None.

Low Impact Conditioning

A metabolism boosting workout to build functional strength and endurance. Complete 11 movements – 60 seconds of work, followed by 30 seconds rest. Your feet may stay grounded but your heart rate certainly won’t!
Props: None.

Warm Down Stretch

Either enjoy this stretch after completing a full length video or do it on its own to release tightness in the body.
Props: None.

Arm Sculpt Warm Up

Grab your weights and get ready for a short workout that includes some lunges and plies for the legs and balance also.
Props: Light to medium weights.

Ground Floor Abs, Inner Thighs and Triceps

Boost your mood with this mat based strengthening sequence to target the abs, inner thighs and a fun tricep variation at the end.
Props: None.
Suitable for pre or post natal (just don’t lift head in crunches).

Quick Thigh Burn

In this workout we focus on strengthening the thighs and in particular the balance on a single leg. Push play to raise your energy levels!
Props: Barre/chair to hold for support.

10min Shoulder and Triceps

A quick 10 min video to build lean muscle, tone and definition in the upper arms. Choose a weight that challenges you but allows you to maintain proper form.
Props: Light to medium weights. I’m using 1kg.

Figure 8 Hiit

Follow along with Marysa for 8 movements repeated twice to spike your heart rate and build full body strength in this effective and fun video!
Props: None.

17 min Ab Blast

We work through various levels with the torso to target the abdominals. Starting with a high curl then transitioning down to the forearms for obliques and finally supine for pelvic floor focus.

You’ll feel a nice sweet burn over the core.
Props: Ball (otherwise a cushion or can do without).