Super Quick All 4’s Glute Focus

Short on time? Join Marysa for this hamstring and glute focus sequence on all 4’s. Over and done in 7 mins!
Props: 1 dumbbell or a ball or rolled up facecloth.

Flow Sequence

Join Marysa in this flow sequence to gentle increase the heart rate and get the whole body moving. We do 10 reps of each position then continue to layer on. Perfect on its own as a quick pick-me-up or add to another video for a longer workout.
Props: Chair/bench to hold onto and 1 dumbbell.

Rectus Abdominis Focus

A quick abdominal blast focusing on the rectus abdominis.
Props: One dumbbells and a ball.

Non-Stop Arms with Marysa

A non stop arm sequence focusing on the deltoids/shoulders and triceps. Don’t just stand on the spot for this one – turn up the volume, move around and dance whilst completing the arm movements!
Props: Dumbbells.

8min Precision Arms with Marysa

Precise, small movements for maximum results. We promise you will feel you shoulders and arms after completing this spicey 8 min sequence.
Props: 1kg Dumbbells.

8min Pelvic Floor

Marysa discusses the pelvic floor muscles and goes over various cues to help activate it.
Props: None

Warm Up with Bella

You can complete this before diving into our other shorter focused videos, or just do it on its own as a great pick-me-up.
Props: None.