13 min Stretch and Flow

A simple 6 min sequence on each side to release the hips and hamstrings and finishing with a 90 second held frog position.
Props: None, although 2 cushions may be useful under the knees (to protect them) for the final frog stretch.

Healthy Spine and Core

We focus on maintaining a deep core connection to create a uniform C-curve throughout this abdominal video.

Rolling exercises are a great way to strengthen your abdominals, massage your spine and improve balance, mobility and spinal articulation.
Props: 1kg Weights.

Plank Challenge

Two plank variations to test your balance, strength and coordination. Give it a crack!
Props: Ball.

15 mins Weighted Arms

With a focus on control and length we sculpt into the deltoids and biceps.
Props: 1kg dumbbells.

The Curl

We focus solely on the traditional curl in this video – a fundamental core exercise in the barre technique.
Props: Ball or cushion.

Under 10 Arms

Join Marysa for this classic barre weighted arms video, focusing in the shoulders, triceps and biceps.
Props: 1kg weights.

Controlled Pilates Core

Marysa focuses solely on the core and keeping it stable while working the extremities. Suitable for post natal.
Props: None.

Lower Body Glute Sculpt

Target your legs and glutes with this flow – we simply complete 8 moves with 10 reps in each. Let’s go!!
Props: None. Could add ankle weights to increase intensity!