Sculpting Arm Warm Up

Planks, side planks and pushups with a focus on the triceps to tone the arms and shoulders.
Props: None.

Rises and Balances

Join Marysa from her garden for this 9 min video to strengthen the lower legs and work on our balance and coordination.
Props: None.

Core with a Ball

With the ball behind our upper back it really helps dial into the core. Push play to feel the burn!
Props: Ball.

Rear Benefits

Reap the rewards of a workout focused on your rear. You’ll lift, shape and tone your hamstrings, hips and glutes.
Props: Ball. Can also be completed without.

Power of the Pretzel

The pretzel is a tough exercise to master so we break it down in this video to focus on the position of the hips and angle of the knee/ankle and to make sure you’re getting the best out of this position.

You’ll be amazed at how it can sculpt your waist! Hit play now with Marysa!
Props: Ball or rolled up towel.

20 min Stretch Session

Be kind to your body, switch off your mind and enjoy this delicious sequence to release the hips, glutes and hamstrings.
Props: Nothing.

5 min Curl with a Cushion

Hit play to work those abs in this classic curl position. We use a cushion to support the back and help find the perfect angle for your body.
Props: Cushion from your couch and a ball if you have one.

12 min Kneeling Obliques, Thighs and Triceps

The majority of this video is completed kneeling and you’ll feel your waistline tightened the next day! We then incorporate thigh dancing with some weighted arms. Enjoy!
Props: Weights.

New Year Arm Warm Up

A quick class using weights, pushups and planks to sculpt the arm muscles.
Props: Light weights.