8 min Pelvic Floor

Marysa discusses the pelvic floor muscles and goes over various cues to help activate it.
Props: None

Warm Up with Bella

You can complete this before diving into our other shorter focused videos, or just do it on its own as a great pick-me-up.
Props: None.

Quick Abs and Glutes with Marysa

Here is a quick arms and standing seat sequence.
Props: Ball and cushion.
Apologies for the glare from the sun in the bottom corner of the screen!

Express Floor Glutes with Marysa

Who doesn’t love performing glutes on the floor?! We begin with toning the hamstring, glute max and finish with the inner thigh.
Props: A wall or kitchen bench to lean into. Possibly a cushion under knee.

7 min Ab Blast with Marysa

Here is a 7 min abdominal blast to fire up the obliques and rectus abominis muscles. Do on its own or mix with another video.
Props: None.

20 min Feel Good Sweat

A full body, high-intensity workout with rotating intervals to produce a nice healthy glow.
Props: Weights and sneakers (optional).

15 min Ab Finisher

Here is a 15min video where we focus solely on the abdominals. We start with pelvic floor activation and then continue into a middle back curl.
First 4 mins suitable for pre/post natal.
Props: Ball.

Rises and Balances

Test your balance with these controlled ballet rises and plies.
Props: Chair or kitchen bench to hold onto.