All in One

We hit all the muscle groups in this 45min video. Hit play for a well rounded barre class.
Props: Dumbbells, ball and a support/barre.

Controlled Movements with Weights

The aim is to focus on your technique and form as we repeat high reps in this dumbbell sculpt video. We start with standing arms, then move onto glutes and abs on the mat. Enjoy and remember to focus on your form even when you tire!
Props: 1kg Dumbbells.

Side Splits Stretches and Release

Take some time to show your body some love with this stretch video where we focus on releasing the muscles around the hips, glutes and hamstrings which will aid in helping us achieve more flexibility in our side splits.
Props: None.

Feel Good 50 min Standing Legs and Mat Arms

Feel good moving your body in this 50 minute intermediate class. We start with a standing leg series then move down to the mat to focus on our tricep strength and stability. We complete class with 10 mins of core work.
Props: A chair or support to use as a barre.

Pilates Mat Core + Glutes

A Pilates mat routine to get you centred and working your core and glutes. This workout will leave you feeling revitalised but not depleted.
Props: Loop band or ankle weights optional.

Full Body Barre Fuel

Move with precision and build healthy, aligned movement patterns with this effective full length barre class. You will work all areas of your body and spend the warmup, thighs and glutes standing upright. Enjoy yourself!
Props: Light to medium dumbbells. Chair or sturdy support to hold onto.

53 min Full Body Balance

With a strong focus on the lower body strength, this class delivers the full body conditioning burn that only barre and Pilates can give you. You will leave this class with a happy and healthy mind and body.

Apologies for the mic cutting out in the beginning of the video.
Props: Ball.

New Year 2022

A nice routine to balance and strengthen the entire body after some time off over the Christmas period!
Props: No Props.

Fiery Lower Body

Get ready to fire up your lower body whilst using a chair and simultanousy sculpting your arms. Pay particular attention to your knee and ankle alignment throughout.
Props: Chair/couch/step, heavy set of weights and possibly a cushion if chair is a bit low.

Charing is Caring

Enjoy this total body home workout using nothing more than a chair. Make sure you use a stable chair that will not tip!
Props: A chair.