New Year 2022

A nice routine to balance and strengthen the entire body after some time off over the Christmas period!
Props: No Props.

Fiery Lower Body

Get ready to fire up your lower body whilst using a chair and simultanousy sculpting your arms. Pay particular attention to your knee and ankle alignment throughout.
Props: Chair/couch/step, heavy set of weights and possibly a cushion if chair is a bit low.

Follow Along Abs

Push play and enjoy this simple follow along abdominal video. Complete 45 seconds of an exercise, then move straight onto the next. 14 movements in total. Focus on your form, modify as needed and I promise you will feel your core at the end!
Props: None.

Get Out of Your Funk H.I.I.T

Get your cardio fix with Marysa in this follow-along workout. Ten minutes of work repeated twice through to experience a blood pumping full-body burn. Follow the modifications when necessary and focus on your breathing throughout.
Props: None.

Low Impact Conditioning

A metabolism boosting workout to build functional strength and endurance. Complete 11 movements – 60 seconds of work, followed by 30 seconds rest. Your feet may stay grounded but your heart rate certainly won’t!
Props: None.

Inner Strength and Control

This express mat workout focuses on control and strength to gain more hip mobility and function. An energy boosting, low impact session using only your body weight to feel your glutes, hips, back muscles and 10 min core section at the end!
Props: None.

Warm Down Stretch

Either enjoy this stretch after completing a full length video or do it on its own to release tightness in the body.
Props: None.

Dumbbell Sculpt

Here is a full body video (arms, abs, thighs and glutes!) that is based on the mat and uses dumbbells for the duration of the video. Focus on your form and remember to dial down to a lighter set of weights whenever needed.
Props: Light to medium weights. I used an assortment from 1-2kg.

Arm Sculpt Warm Up

Grab your weights and get ready for a short workout that includes some lunges and plies for the legs and balance also.
Props: Light to medium weights.

Charing is Caring

Enjoy this total body home workout using nothing more than a chair. Make sure you use a stable chair that will not tip!
Props: A chair.