Non-Stop Arms with Marysa

A non stop arm sequence focusing on the deltoids/shoulders and triceps. Don’t just stand on the spot for this one – turn up the volume, move around and dance whilst completing the arm movements!
Props: Dumbbells.

8min Precision Arms with Marysa

Precise, small movements for maximum results. We promise you will feel you shoulders and arms after completing this spicey 8 min sequence.
Props: 1kg Dumbbells.

Bubble Express with Amelia

Sisters Amelia and Louisa come together during lockdown (they were in the same bubble) for a dynamic full body express class!
Props: Ball/cushion.

8 min Pelvic Floor

Marysa discusses the pelvic floor muscles and goes over various cues to help activate it.
Props: None

Sizzle Pretzel and Glutes

We start with the pretzel position then continue with some all 4’s and bridging. You glutes will be sizzling by the end!
Props: Ball or a rolled up facecloth.

Pelvic Floor Activation

Want to know how to activate your pelvic floor correctly? This is a great video to do if you are pre or post natal, but also if you are not! Marysa dives into many different visual cues to help you find the secret to engaging and strengthening your pelvic floor.
Props: Nothing.