Spinal Health + Planks

This short sequence focuses on spinal health and mobility paired with some planks to bring strength and awareness to the arms and waistline. You’ll be moving more freely by the end 🙂
Props: None.

Continuous Ab Flow + 8 min Glutes

Join me for a continuous pilates ab sequence to bring awareness and mobility into the core and spine. We challenge the core by twisting and rotating the torso and pelvis at various angles and levels. There is a quick glute section included. You’ll feel strong and powerful in your centre after completing this video!
Props: None.

Controlled Movements with Weights

The aim is to focus on your technique and form as we repeat high reps in this dumbbell sculpt video. We start with standing arms, then move onto glutes and abs on the mat. Enjoy and remember to focus on your form even when you tire!
Props: 1kg Dumbbells.

Feel Good 50 min Standing Legs and Mat Arms

Feel good moving your body in this 50 minute intermediate class. We start with a standing leg series then move down to the mat to focus on our tricep strength and stability. We complete class with 10 mins of core work.
Props: A chair or support to use as a barre.

Pilates Mat Core + Glutes

A Pilates mat routine to get you centred and working your core and glutes. This workout will leave you feeling revitalised but not depleted.
Props: Loop band or ankle weights optional.

Arm Assassination

This arm workout will tone and improve your overall arm strength. Every angle is thought of as we work through a combination of balletic arms, playful body weight exercises and dumbbell sequences for a strong upper body.
Props: Light to medium dumbbells.

Interval Conditioning

A un-cued video to push play on those days you don’t feel like being talked to! x4 repetitions of 60 seconds of movement and repeated for 5 rounds in total. A mix between upper body and lower legs – a complete workout in 22 minutes.
Props: Dumbbells. I’m using 1kg.

Abdominal Endurance

Tone and strengthen your core muscles in a small amount of space with this great session. You will increase your abdominal strength and endurance and will definitely feel your core by the end!
Props: No Props.

Hippy Stretch Flow

In this stretch video we focus on multiple hip openings, hip mobility and flowing seamlessly from one movement to the other. Follow along and enjoying moving from a place of how it feels on your body rather than what it necessarily looks like.

Apologies about the wind disturbance – try to continue and not let it unsettle you!
Props: None.