15 mins Weighted Arms

With a focus on control and length we sculpt into the deltoids and biceps.
Props: 1kg dumbbells.

The Curl

We focus solely on the traditional curl in this video – a fundamental core exercise in the barre technique.
Props: Ball or cushion.

Under 10 Arms

Join Marysa for this classic barre weighted arms video, focusing in the shoulders, triceps and biceps.
Props: 1kg weights.

Controlled Pilates Core

Marysa focuses solely on the core and keeping it stable while working the extremities. Suitable for post natal.
Props: None.

Triceps and Back Blast

Show off your arms and back with this ultra-toning, focused workout. Improve posture and get stronger!
Props: Light to medium dumbbells.

Pop Band Go Arms

Grab your long theraband and tone and feel the burn in the biceps, shoulders and triceps with me!
Props: Long Theraband Resistance Band (could also use dumbbells if no band).

Plank and Abs with Resistance Bands

Plank combinations utilising the loop band and curl with the long theraband. You’ll feel your core but will also feel your arms!
Props: Loop band and theraband (or can complete with no bands!)

Express Fullbody with Theraband

Express full body with a focus on triceps and pretzel with the band, but you’ll still hit those thighs at the barre.
Props – Ball/cushion and long theraband. Wall space/kitchen bench to lean against.

Standing Glutes with Theraband and Abdominals

Starting immediately at the barre with the band to fire up the hamstrings and glutes then balance it out by targeting the abdominals in between sides.
Props: Long Theraband. Can also complete without one.

Theraband Arms

Grab a thereaband to define your arm muscles through constant resistance. You’ll love how your arms feel after this quick burst!
Props: Theraband (or dumbbells).