Arms, Glutes and Inner Thighs

Starting with standing arm and balance work, we then head to the floor for some targeted glute, inner thigh and oblique work.
Props: Dumbbells or cans.

8 min Curl up the Wall

Here is a brief 8 min abdominal video!
Props: Wall space, a ball or cushion and teatowel.

30 min Glutes and Abs Focus

Join Marysa for a 30 min full body video focusing on the glutes and abdominals.
Props: Barre/chair and a tea towel.

10 min Shopping Bag Arms

No dumbbells? Instead, try filling some shopping bags with some cans! You can adjust by adding more or taking some out.
Props: Cans and shopping bags.

30 min Pilates Mat Abdominals

Some days we just need to slow it down a bit. Join Marysa (and Tom!) on the mat for some Pilates roll downs, abdominals and short glute bridging.
Props: None, but a small interrupting child optional!

15min Toned Arms with Charlotte

Here is a 15min arm sequence you can do on it’s own or stack with another video or two!
Props: 1 light and 1 heavy set of ‘weights’. Dumbells, cans, milk or soda bottles.

15 mins Prone Glutes with Marysa

Lying on your stomach, Marysa guides you through some leg extensions to activate the glutes, inner thighs, hamstrings and lower back.
Props: A cushion to place under hips and pelvis.

15 mins Pilates inspired Abs

Join Marysa for 15 mins of controlled pilates inspired, abdominals. Make sure you stretch them out at the end!
Props: None.

15 min Plank and Abs with Charlotte

Charlotte takes you through a plank and ab workout either using a ball (or without, for an extra challenge). You’ll finish feeling stronger at your core and set for the day.
Props required: Ball or cushion

8 min Weighted Arms

Here’s a 8 min sequence for your arms using dumbbells.
Props required: Dumbbells. Alternatively try using cans, water or wine bottles. 4 litre liquid detergent or filled shopping bags. You can also use nothing and just add resistance and tension through your arms.