13 min Stretch and Flow

A simple 6 min sequence on each side to release the hips and hamstrings and finishing with a 90 second held frog position.
Props: None, although 2 cushions may be useful under the knees (to protect them) for the final frog stretch.

Restore Your Core and Bridging

We start with pelvic floor and TVA activation then finish with bridges to work the glutes as well. This is great for postpartum or pregnancy or if even if you just want to make sure you are activating your core correctly.
Props: Can be done without any! If you have a ball, loop band or weights available you can use for added intensity in some of the exercises.

37 min Bit of Everything

Full body with a focus on triceps, pistol squats and seat work on the floor.
Props: 1kg weights and a ball.

40 min Procrastination Arms, Glutes and Inner Thighs

Maybe you have been procrastinating doing a workout today, much like I was prior to filming this.
Go on – push play and join me for some arms, obliques, glutes and inner thigh work – a bit of everything. I promise you’ll feel better after.
Props: 1kg weights and a ball.

Healthy Spine and Core

We focus on maintaining a deep core connection to create a uniform C-curve throughout this abdominal video.

Rolling exercises are a great way to strengthen your abdominals, massage your spine and improve balance, mobility and spinal articulation.
Props: 1kg Weights.

Plank Challenge

Two plank variations to test your balance, strength and coordination. Give it a crack!
Props: Ball.

Standing Full Body

The first 32 mins of this video we stay standing and get straight into sculpting your arms, glutes then thighs. We finish with 10 mins of core and a lovely stretch at the end.
Props: Resistance Band (can do without also). Barre/chair/bench or wall to hold onto.

15 mins Weighted Arms

With a focus on control and length we sculpt into the deltoids and biceps.
Props: 1kg dumbbells.