Stretch + Release

Restore mobility in the spine as we extend and open your body in this essential chilled stretch session. Add this to the end of any barre video or do it on its own on those days you don’t feel like doing an intense workout.
Props: None.

Ready Set Go!

In this lower leg focused strength video, we use a wall to lean against and give feedback. Join Marysa to get those famous barre shakes.
Props: A wall, ball and a cushion.

Hip and Thigh Stretches

Ease the tension in your body with this stretch video that focuses on some hip and thigh stretches.
Props: A wall or couch and a cushion.

Mindful Hiit Triset

Hit play to clear the mind with this instant energy boosting video!

We do 45 secs of a cardio movement, then 45 secs of a toning exercise to get the breathe back and finally repeat the cardio movement whilst being mindful not to throw the technique away as we fatigue. We complete 8 rounds/trisets in total. Take any modifications when needed by listening to your body.
Props: None.

Side Splits Stretches and Release

Take some time to show your body some love with this stretch video where we focus on releasing the muscles around the hips, glutes and hamstrings which will aid in helping us achieve more flexibility in our side splits.
Props: None.

Mobility Movement – Spine, Hips and Hammies

This workout is all about factoring in some self care to get your spine moving as you extend and open your body. We also release tension in the hips and hamstrings to keep you moving with ease and you’ll feel calm and lengthened at the completion of class.
Props: None.

Get Out of Your Funk H.I.I.T

Get your cardio fix with Marysa in this follow-along workout. Ten minutes of work repeated twice through to experience a blood pumping full-body burn. Follow the modifications when necessary and focus on your breathing throughout.
Props: None.

Warm Down Stretch

Either enjoy this stretch after completing a full length video or do it on its own to release tightness in the body.
Props: None.

Ground Floor Abs, Inner Thighs and Triceps

Boost your mood with this mat based strengthening sequence to target the abs, inner thighs and a fun tricep variation at the end.
Props: None.
Suitable for pre or post natal (just don’t lift head in crunches).

Carve Out Time Stretch

Carve out some time for yourself and relax into this controlled stretch session. We will release tension throughout your whole body with a particular focus on the hips, quads and lower back.
Props: Cushion for knees.