20 min Feel Good Sweat

A full body, high-intensity workout with rotating intervals to produce a nice healthy glow.
Props: Weights and sneakers (optional).

Yin/Stretch Class

We filmed the yin class on Sunday 31st May. A beautiful slow controlled stretch class focusing on the release through the whole body and spending extra time stretching into the hips, hamstrings and glutes.
Props: If needed, instead of yoga blocks; some hard books/coffee table books to hold onto for support.

Pre Natal Modification Info

Congratulations! Have you just discovered you’re newly pregnant and want to continue on your Barrefigure journey? This video explains all the modifications to do in our classes. Please contact us also, as we have a PDF print out to send you.

40 min Pre/Post Natal Warm up and Abs

If you’re pregnant or post natal, new to barre or just after a slower more focused video on the warm up and pelvic floor and abdominal activation sections in class – then this is for you.
Props: Dumbbells or cans.

30 min Cardio Sweat with Marysa

Join Marysa for a sweat inducing cardio workout. We begin with a short plank and boxing sequence, followed by 1 min of 6 different sequences to get the heart pounding. Low modification options given also.
Props: Shoes are optional and weights (can/bottles)

5 min Instagram LIVE Final Stretch

We ran out of time to include the final stretch in the 60min Instagram live class, so here it is.
Prop: Yoga strap or a teatowel to help stretch.

40 min Stretch with Marysa

Needing to slow it down a bit and after a luxurious stretch? Then give yourself 40mins and meet Marysa on the mat.
Props: some hard recipe or coffee table books.

Rises, Balances and Pelvic floor

Ease into your day with this gentle workout involving rises and balances and pelvic floor work. Suitable for pre and post natal.
Props required: None.

20 min Cardio with a Twist of Ballet

Join Marysa, as she takes you through a cardio workout with a few balletic moves as well as the odd boxing maneuver. A challenge for the brain and body. You’ll love it.
Props required: Barre (wall or chair). weights or tins.