Super Quick All 4’s Glute Focus

Short on time? Join Marysa for this hamstring and glute focus sequence on all 4’s. Over and done in 7 mins!
Props: 1 dumbbell or a ball or rolled up facecloth.

Sizzle Pretzel and Glutes

We start with the pretzel position then continue with some all 4’s and bridging. You glutes will be sizzling by the end!
Props: Ball or a rolled up facecloth.

Arms and Seat with Bella

Bella takes you through a 13 min arm sequence then finishes off with some much loved glutes on the floor!
Props: 1kg dumbbells or water bottles.

Quick Abs and Glutes with Marysa

Here is a quick arms and standing seat sequence.
Props: Ball and cushion.
Apologies for the glare from the sun in the bottom corner of the screen!

Express Floor Glutes with Marysa

Who doesn’t love performing glutes on the floor?! We begin with toning the hamstring, glute max and finish with the inner thigh.
Props: A wall or kitchen bench to lean into. Possibly a cushion under knee.

30mins Arms, Abs and Thighs

You’ll work the arms and shoulders, then focus on the abs and a quick thigh sequence and finish with more core!
Props: Dumbbells, ball and a chair/kitchen bench. P.S. Apologies about the wonky camera angle!

Arms, Glutes and Inner Thighs

Starting with standing arm and balance work, we then head to the floor for some targeted glute, inner thigh and oblique work.
Props: Dumbbells or cans.

Stability Sequence for the Legs

Join Marysa in this stabilising sequence for the legs. You’ll feel your hamstring, glutes and thighs working while you focus on your balance! Do this on its own or add onto another video.
Props: Dumbbells and a chair or couch to sit on.

30min Glutes and Abs Focus

Join Marysa for a 30 min full body video focusing on the glutes and abdominals.
Props: Barre/chair and a tea towel.