Thigh Flow Blast

This thigh blast also strengthens your ankle and calf strength and gets the heart going in a gentle flow sequence at the end of the set.
Props: Something to hold onto (chair/bench top).

Thigh and Booty Blast with Hip CARS

A quick round of thighs followed by glutes with a loop band (if you have one). We include hip CARs (‘controlled articular rotations’) which takes your hip joint through its full range of motion. It’s very effective at expanding the range of motion, improving hip function, and maintaining the overall health and integrity of the joint.
Props: None needed, but a loop band if you have one or ball will intensify the glute section.

40 min Procrastination Arms, Glutes and Inner Thighs

Maybe you have been procrastinating doing a workout today, much like I was prior to filming this.
Go on – push play and join me for some arms, obliques, glutes and inner thigh work – a bit of everything. I promise you’ll feel better after.
Props: 1kg weights and a ball.

Lower Body Glute Sculpt

Target your legs and glutes with this flow – we simply complete 8 moves with 10 reps in each. Let’s go!!
Props: None. Could add ankle weights to increase intensity!

Express Fullbody with Theraband

Express full body with a focus on triceps and pretzel with the band, but you’ll still hit those thighs at the barre.
Props – Ball/cushion and long theraband. Wall space/kitchen bench to lean against.

Prone Glutes with Loop

Think lying on your stomach will be a walk in the park? Think again! Focusing on the external rotation from the top of thigh, we isolate into the glutes and fire up the hamstrings as well.
Props: Loop band (can be done without also) and cushion for under hips. Not suitable for pregnant ladies – could do on all 4’s instead without band.

Standing Glutes with Theraband and Abdominals

Starting immediately at the barre with the band to fire up the hamstrings and glutes then balance it out by targeting the abdominals in between sides.
Props: Long Theraband. Can also complete without one.

Floor Glutes and Inner Thighs with Bands

Beginning with inner thighs then moving onto all 4’s, clamshells and L position with the loop band (or a ball or rolled up towel behind knee) to create extra resistance.
Props: Loop band (or rolled up facecloth/ball) and theraband.

Rear Benefits

Reap the rewards of a workout focused on your rear. You’ll lift, shape and tone your hamstrings, hips and glutes.
Props: Ball. Can also be completed without.