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Ease yourself into it with this slower pace of the barrefigure SIGNATURE class. You’ll still get a complete work-out but will have more time to learn about the technique and set ups along the way.


Our signature class is low impact and comprises interval training and isometric exercises to reshape and sculpt your body. We incorporate using your own body weight as resistance, combined with small hand weights and the ballet barre to perform high repetitions which overload the muscle. We then stretch out to create a leaner, longer-looking, more graceful physique.


This high energy class is an upbeat take on our signature class. After a short warm up, the thigh section is performed at the barre with dumbells and interspersed with quick cardio bursts to help burn fat and tone muscle. We’ve added a fun punching sequence and balletic recovery section, then complete class with a quick glute workout and final stretch. Expect to sweat and to feel like you’ve worked every muscle in your body! Must attend at least two Signature classes first. Not suitable for pregnant clients.


This luxurious 60 minute stretch class releases tired and tight muscles and calms the mind. We pause in the positions to encourage the muscles to fully release, lengthen and detoxify. We use different props and the ballet barre to assist and it's a great class to accompany your weekly barre class and leave you feeling open and calm.


A great compliment to our barre classes and the most beautiful way to conclude the weekend. We safely stretch out the deep connective tissue of the body, leaving joints and muscles, supple and lengthened. You will leave feeling renewed, lengthened and calm.


Based on our barrefigureSIGNATURE class, this is the perfect way to start reconditioning the body after birth. We work the whole body, but with a real focus on gentle pelvic floor and abdominal work, while also bonding with your baby and other mothers! Once cleared to start exercising, bring your baby, from 6 weeks until crawling and they can be beside you in a capsule, lying on a blanket or even in a front pack.


Barrefigure is suitable for mums-to-be. In fact, many of our instructors are mothers themselves and did Barrefigure throughout their pregnancy. We recommend viewing our 30 minute prenatal video before attending class, that explains all the modifications you need to know to attend class safely. Usually these modifications are only needed from the 2nd trimester onwards. Please email us to receive the link or if you have any questions.

Private Barre:

Barrefigure also offer private and semi-private sessions. Please call us or email for more information or to book.