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Craving the best barre workout but can’t get to a studio? Barrefigure Online is the answer – anywhere, anytime, expert teachers and competitive pricing.

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Our online videos deliver our Barrefigure studio results to you on your time, leaving you feeling stronger and energized in as little as 15 minutes.

Join us on our online journey, we’re building our collection right now and have 7 videos ranging from 15 to 30 minutes and will upload new content regularly.



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The Barrefigure technique is made up of a series of small controlled movements that isolate and target specific muscle groups – your arms, thighs, seat and abs. 

Each muscle group is worked to exhaustion then stretched out for relief. 

You use your own body weight and minimal equipment so Barrefigure online is the ideal program to do in your own home! 

Barrefigure improves posture, alignment and flexibility and creates a strong, sculpted and toned physique. You’ll connect with your mind to stay focused and find more inner strength than you knew you had!

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30min Full body workout with Marysa

With this signature Barrefigure workout lead by Marysa, you’ll spend 30 minutes focusing on toning and tightening every part of your body. You’ll experience results fast and will be left feeling longer, leaner and stronger.

Props required: Ball or cushion.

15min Abs with Marysa

Central to the Barrefigre method is a strong core, this 15 minute workout led by Marysa will focus the mind on your core and get the muscles firing.

Props required: None.


15min Thighs and Ab burn with Charlotte

Using a ball or cushion, Charlotte leads this 15 minute session working the thigh, leg and ab areas. Great stacked with another video for a longer session.

Props required: Ball or cushion.


All the videos can be completed without any special equipment. We reference props you have in your house e.g. a cushion or cans. If you love our videos and do them frequently, you may wish to purchase a ball online here or in the studio. You can purchase dumbbells from any sporting store or Kmart and The Warehouse.

Choose between 15 and 30 min workouts and complete them as many times as you like in either 24 hours or 30 days according to your access plan. Each has a different focus so you can stack or pick and mix as you like!

In each workout our instructors offer beginner and intermediate/advanced options so you can choose the challenge that suits you best.

If you have an injury or health condition, please make sure you have clearance from your Doctor/physio before signing up and know your limits so you don’t aggravate your condition any further. Feel free to email us to discuss.

Barrefigure is a very effective and safe workout for pre- and post-natal care. A few appropriate modifications are required from the 2nd trimester onward. Make sure you have clearance from your Doctor/OBGYN, then email us to obtain a link to a video explaining all the modifications you need to know to participate safely.  After baby is born, we recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks before starting any exercise program and also suggest seeing a professional women’s health specialist to check if you have a diastasis recti.

Cancel anytime before the next monthly payment and then see the month out.

Disclaimer of liability

In signing up to Barrefigure online you hereby agree that you have read and understood the below disclaimer of liability.

By creating an account, purchasing and participating in these videos on this site, you are accepting that you are voluntarily doing them at your own risk.You are responsible for exercising within your limits and assume all risk of injury to your person or property resulting from your use of Barrefigure online. Barrefigure will not be held responsible or liable for any harm or injury you suffer as a result of these videos.