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As printed in the Verve Magazine:

Barre Class:

For the past couple of years barre has certainly been one of the trendiest fitness regimes around, and not without reason; it’s a full-body workout that targets muscle groups you didn’t even know existed through a series of low-impact, high-repetition exercises inspired by dancers’ training. Its focus on isometric strength training promotes small muscle contractions that isolate those hard-to-work muscles to improve overall definition, flexibility and balance.

Studios such as Barrefigure in Ponsonby operated by ex-dancer Marysa Dalton cater to different levels of expertise and fitness from beginner to advanced, as well as different variations of barre such as yoga, HIIT or cardio-infused classes to keep the workout varied and challenging. A standard class follows a 60-minute format divided up into sections which focus on different parts of the body such as the upper body, thighs and glutes, and core conditioning. Much of the class takes place not at the barre itself but on floor mats using hand weights and exercise balls to help engage the body’s own resistance. It’s a great way to figure out which parts of your body need some extra strengthening as you emerge from winter hibernation.

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